Oppo patents a smartphone with Li-Fi technology null

Wi-fi has become an integral part of smartphones and most Internet-connected gadgets these days. And deservedly so, as it’s fast, battery-efficient, and reliable. But what if there’s something faster and cheaper. Enter Li-Fi, a data-transmitting technology similar to Wi-Fi that uses LED light as a medium. And Oppo is taking the lead by patenting its first smartphone to feature the technology. 

The patent, spotted by LetsGoDigital, shows images of the sensor placed on the Oppo smartphones. Unlike Wi-Fi, a Li-Fi module (a photodetector) is quite visible on the outside of the phone. This is required because the light photons need to be converted into currents. The images show the possible placements of the module. It is to be noted that this is just a patent at the time and, as with all patents, could never see the light of the day. 

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

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