The all-new Galaxy Note20 | 20 Ultra marks the arrival of the new Power phones of 2020 null

With every iteration of the Galaxy Note series, Samsung brings us a device that allows us to work better using our mobile devices. The Galaxy Note20 I 20 Ultra 5G take this to a whole new level allowing you to run your entire office from your pocket. But the Galaxy Note 20 | 20 Ultra 5G isn’t all about work. It’s equally suited to fun and gaming.

The productivity machine

Work has traditionally been carried out over a PC- a personal computer. But what is a PC? Is it defined by the amount of work it allows you do? Or it is the speed at which you can work? Maybe it’s a combination of both- something we measure as productivity. If you define your PC as either of those, the Galaxy Note 20 | 20 Ultra 5G are all of that- with the advantage of fitting in your pocket.