Cheap iPhone deal: you can get a free iPhone 12 from Verizon – here’s how cheap iphone deal iPhone 12 Verizon

If you’re looking to score a cheap iPhone deal on Apple’s all-new iPhone 12, then you’re in luck. Verizon is currently offering the all-new iPhone 12 for FREE when you switch to Verizon on an Unlimited plan and trade-in an eligible device.

To receive this pre-order iPhone 12 deal, you must trade-in an eligible device and join a select Verizon plan. You’ll then receive up to $550 credited to your account over 24 months. You can also get a $250 Verizon e-Gift Card per device when you switch carriers on a select Verizon Unlimited plan. Just add the iPhone 12 with monthly device payments to your cart, and activate a new line with the following plans: Above, Beyond, Do, Play, or Get Unlimited. After checkout, visit and enter the promo code FALLSWITCH250 and you’ll receive your Verizon Gift Card within 8 weeks.

This is a great deal if you’re looking to switch carriers and want to get your hands on the all-new iPhone 12. Verizon’s offer ends on November 5, and iPhone pre-orders will ship on October 23.

Cheap iPhone 12 deal at Verizon:

iPhone 12 for $799 at Verizon | Switch to Verizon and get the iPhone 12 for free with a select trade-in
For a limited time, you can get the iPhone 12 for free when you pre-order from Verizon. You’ll get up to $550 off the phone when you trade-in an eligible device and add a select Verizon plan, and you can score a $250 Verizon e-Gift Card when you switch carriers on a select Unlimited plan.
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