The cheapest 5G rugged smartphone emerges, with mysterious pins Oukitel WP10

Oukitel WP10 – $369.99 at AliExpress (pre-sale)
(roughly £280/AU$500)
Between November 23-27, Oukitel’s new 5G-ready rugged smartphone is available on pre-sale at almost half price. Act fast, before the handset returns to its suggested $669.99 price point.View Deal

After the Blackview BL6000 Pro, it’s now Oukitel’s turn to launch its first 5G rugged smartphone: the WP10. Like its competitor, the firm has resorted to the old trick of offering a very significant pre-order discount. 

Available at $369.99 between November 23 and November 27 (i.e. the Black Friday period) from Chinese retailer AliExpress, it undercuts the BL6000 Pro pre-order price by $30.