Cyber Monday projector deal: save up to 30% on this incredible 4K home theatre Vava 4k projector black friday deal

If you’ve been keeping your eye out for a 4k projector this Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals season to install before family arrives for Christmas then we’ve dug up the perfect deal for you. The VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector can display a 100-inch image from as little as 7.2-inches from the wall.

4K projectors used to be a big, hot, and costly affair, but in recent years a new generation has been able to conquer many of these difficulties. As a short throw option, not only does the VAVA 4K Projector not require any cumbersome shelving to be installed on the opposing wall, but it also has stereo surround sound built-in, so this home theatre experience is ready to enjoy right out of the box.

We can’t promise it will prevent any fights from breaking out during the holidays, but hey, playing a Christmas movie on the VAVO 4K UST projector is a rather indulgent distraction!

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Cheapest 4K UST projector

VAVA 4K UST Laser Projector (white): $2999.99 $1949.99 at Amazon
This 4K laser projector from VAVA can project a 100-inch image at a distance of just 7.2-inches, so you won’t be looking to install any clunky shelves to enjoy that home theatre experience. With built-in surround sound speakers, this projector is ready to enjoy right out of the box.View Deal

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