Samsung Galaxy S21 all but confirmed to exclude the charger from the box Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 launch is expected to be in a few weeks, but the build-up excitement might have just hit a speedbump — it looks like the charger and earphones from the box are gone for good.

The iPhone 12 series was infamous for being the first set smartphones to actually ship without a charger or earphones in the box, in a move that was supposed to reduce Apple’s environmental impact. New evidence seemingly confirms that Samsung is about to follow suit with the upcoming S21 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 certification document mentioning the exclusion of the charger and earphones (in Portuguese) (Image credit: Anatel (via Tecnoblog))

As the phones prepare to go on sale, a clearance by Brazil’s Anatel (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações) explicitly mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S21 trio will be sold without a charger or earphones in the box, at least in Brazil. There’s also a mention of two different 25W adapters, which could be an indication at the charging spec of the chargers that will be sold separately.