Which macOS and iOS apps are collecting data on you? Apple finally tells all iPhone 12 Pro

Ever wonder what kind of data your macOS Catalina and iOS 14 apps collect about you? Now you can check before you download: Apple is requiring developers to disclose what info they collect on users from their App Store page.

In the ‘App Privacy’ section of each App Store listing, developers will summarize what info is collected in three sections: ‘Data used to track you,’ ‘Data linked to you,’ and ‘Data not linked to you,’ with a bullet point list for each, according to Wired. This includes personal and financial data that the app’s company collects for itself as well as what data (if any) is shared with other companies.

App Store data collection

(Image credit: Apple)

You may not see these disclosures in your favorite app today, as Apple only requires developers to include them when developers update an older app or submit a new one for App Store approval. Some apps have proactively included this info already, Apple told Wired, so don’t be surprised if you see some listings have already been updated to share this data collection.