Xiaomi adds seven new foldable phone designs to its kitty Mi Mix Alpha

There is no denying that Samsung has been the undisputed leader of the foldable race as of now and apart from one odd phone from Moto or Huawei no other manufacturer has been able to crack the code. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi also showcased its Mi Mix Alpha but that remained as more of a proof-of-concept device rather than a commercially available phone.

But this doesn’t mean that Xiaomi has given up on the foldable. Just a few days back we heard that Xiaomi is planning to launch not one but three different foldable phones this year. Interestingly, all these devices are rumoured to be unique in terms of design with the first one supposed to fold outwards like the Huawei Mate foldable phone, the second to fold inwards like the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and the last one could be a Z flip or Moto Razr styled clamshell phone.