CES 2021: Why this new electronic ink-like TCL tablet seems perfect for comic book fans TCL NXTPAPER

The TCL NXTPAPER was officially announced at CES 2021, and it’s an interesting piece of tech in its own right: the first electronic ink-like device with a color screen, a combination that’s both easier on the eyes over long periods and is a bit more battery-friendly than traditional tablets with LCD screens. All that adds up to what could be the best device yet… for reading comics.

Comics, comic books, ‘the funny pages,’ sequential art – they’re a seminal part of the modern media landscape, and the source material for the superhero film genre that’s dominated cinemas for the last decade-plus. And yet, reading digital versions of comics has been a righteous pain: given their full-page A4-size format (roughly the dimensions of ruled paper), they don’t really fit on the screens of modern phones or computers.