Best Oppo phones of 2021: pick up the best Oppo handset for you Best Oppo phones

When it comes to the best Oppo phones, they all stand out from the crowd. That’s thanks to their typically vibrant colors and distinctive features in some cases such as pop-up cameras. With intriguing designs, it’s useful then that they also offer top battery life, performance and camera capabilities, so there’s no chance of them being style over substance. 

With loads of Oppo phones out there, from the top-end Find devices to the mid-range Reno and budget A-line handsets, there’s sure to be a phone from Oppo that’s perfect for you. We’ve taken a look at the best of the bunch and ranked them accordingly. For now, the Oppo Find X2 Pro is our pick of the bunch thanks to its gorgeous display and great camera, but we think that’s likely to change in a few months with news of the Oppo Find X3 arriving in March. 

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