Honor confirmed to be in talks with Google for future smartphones Honor View 40 launch

Towards the end of 2020, Huawei sold off its Honor subsidiary in a bid to save its business and avoid the trade ban implications that the parent company was subject to. It looks like that plan is going on the right track as Honor has finally confirmed that it is in talks with Google and should be able to resume offering GMS on its future smartphones.

Starting mid-2019, the Trump administration continued to tighten the sanctions put on Huawei Consumer Business Group, eventually leaving it without the ability to trade with companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, MediaTek, Microsoft, AMD and others. The biggest blow came with the loss of Google, making its smartphones unusable in global markets without the Play Store or Media Services. 

The recently-launched Honor View 40 (Image credit: Honor)

When Honor eventually split, it was hopeful that the Huawei Ban would no longer affect it. Last week, we finally got the confirmation that it will resume trade with key chipset and component partners from the U.S., and today, it finally broke its silence on Google.