Future OLED TVs could get eye-tracking sensors, but do we need them? Panasonic FZ1000 OLED

OLED TVs could look quite different in a few years time compared to today. While OLED is generally considered the big TV tech of the moment, with its ‘infinite’ contrast ratio, color accuracy, and deep blacks, there’s no denying that it won’t stay top dog forever – at least, not without some further innovations beyond the capabilities of its picture.

Not long after we heard from Panasonic that the picture quality of its OLED sets had pretty much peaked, we got the opportunity to speak with the CEO and co-founder of OTI Lumionics, Michael Helander, about the technical advancements that could up-end the way we interact with OLED TVs in the future – including baked-in sensors for tracking our eyes, heads and hands.