Did Xiaomi’s GM call phones with 108MP cameras a gimmick? Xiaomi Mi 11

Change is the only constant in the technology industry. In a bid to outbid the competition or to become an industry leader, constant innovation and introduction of new features at a rapid pace have become an integral part of the industry. This is probably the reason why a feature or piece of tech that became a necessity in all phones in the last couple of years might have vanished in thin air with the dawn of 2021.

Xiaomi’s General Manager Liu Weibing has highlighted the same in his post on Weibo and justified the reason why none of Xiaomi’s phones came with a ToF sensor. 

Taking a dig at other brands that had promoted ToF sensors heavily during the launch events and otherwise, he said: “Today it suddenly occurred to me that brands that originally promoted the TOF function no longer carry the TOF function in new products phones.”


(Image credit: Weibo)

However, he also subtly added that “but this year more new products will carry 100 million pixels,” suggesting that 108mp sensor will be a feature that will get democratized and will be seen in more phones than ever before.

Gimmicks over features