Get unlimited data for $25 a month and 5G support with Visible’s new phone plan Visible phone plan

Visible’s launching a new phone plan that includes unlimited data, messages, and minutes for as little as $25 a month and is supported by Verizon’s 5G network. This launch is the latest effort by Visible to be recognized as one of the most accessible, transparent, and affordable wireless carriers to date.

As per before, the low-cost carrier offers online services only with contract-free prepaid plans, so there’s no cancelation fee here. The new Party Pay plan from Visible, however, now also allows an unlimited number of people to join. Previously, it was capped at four people for just $25 a month, so you’ve got even more options to share your savings out with friends and family now.

Even better still, Visible will drop your next bill to just $5 a month if you refer a family member or a friend to sign up with the carrier. Alongside full access to Verizon’s 5G network, Visible’s new plan now also offers international calling to Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico too.