Micro LED TV: the premium display tech explained Samsung's 100-inch MicroLED TV

How often can you launch a new TV technology before it’s actually launched? Well, in the case of Micro LED, the answer would seem to be several times. Samsung first demonstrated its ‘The Wall’ Micro LED television in Las Vegas at CES in 2018, while Sony has been banging on about how excited it is by this technology for a similar length of time.

But it looks like 2021 could be the year Micro LED properly rears its head – or at least starts to get a bit of recognition away from the conference halls of CES. It’s probably not quite ready to wow the mainstream just yet – unless the mainstream has suddenly developed a taste for truly colossal, hilariously expensive televisions – but Micro LED is becoming more and more viable every day. And after all, every new TV technology, from plasma to OLED, starts life being a) of interest only to dedicated tech geeks and b) horribly pricey.