Apple Glass is what WWDC 2021 needs Apple WWDC 2021

The WWDC 2021 date has been officially announced: get ready for a lot of Apple software news starting Monday, June 7 and going to Friday, June 11 during the online-only conference. But the announcement came with a seemingly innocuous image that’s both an insider joke for Apple fans and, quite possibly, a hint that the Apple Glasses are finally coming. 

Let’s start with the splash image on Apple’s WWDC 2021 website: a pink-haired Memoji’d someone staring into the glow of a laptop – which is itself a cheeky reference to Apple SVP Craig Federighi doing the same when he introduced the new line of M1-powered MacBooks last November, which quickly became a meme. But the WWDC 2021 image could be another hint to what’s coming: the person is wearing glasses, and visible in the lenses are app icons.