Verizon deals now include trade-ins for broken phones with up to $1,000 off Verizon deals trade-in free iphone

Verizon deals quite regularly cover hefty trade-in rebates – it’s sort of par for the course when it comes to big carrier promotions. That said, up until now all old phones have had to be in fairly tip-top shape to be eligible for a trade. Well, no longer is that the case with the carrier’s new trade-in policy – which will now award up to $1,000 for even cracked and water-damaged phones.

Starting from April 1st, this new trade-in policy will apply to both new and existing customers and will apply to trade-ins on the even most expensive of 5G phones. The best Verizon deals, in general, tend to revolve around trade-in rebates of around $700 to $800 on the latest devices, with additional $200 bonuses for switching, so this loosening of the rules is definitely a welcome change that will enable a ton of people who weren’t originally eligible to cash-in.