Oppo patents LG-like dual-screen phone LG V60 ThinQ

LG used to put out dual-screen smartphones, like the LG V60 ThinQ, that had a clip-on secondary screen you could use to get extra use out of your phone – although LG has confirmed it will no longer make mobile phones we could still see this kind of double-display device, as it looks like Oppo could take up the baton.

As spotted by ITHome, Oppo has been granted a patent for a smartphone that has a clip-on secondary screen, which is held by a clamp, and the resulting handset can be opened and closed like a book. ITHome compares this to the Microsoft Surface Duo, but unlike that device (and like LG’s dual-screeners) it sounds like the secondary display can be removed on Oppo’s concept.

Oppo dual-screen phone patent

(Image credit: CNIPA)

Unfortunately, the patent only describes the design of this type of two-screen handset, so we don’t know what Oppo imagines it would do. For LG’s phones, though, the two screens acted independently, so you could do whatever you like: watch a film on Netflix while IMDB’ing the performers, scroll two social media channels at once, or play games while looking up guides for them.