Are certain smartphones better for running? I found out, the annoying way Phones out on Route 66

When you’re buying tech for use while exercising, there are some items you’re likely to consider: a fitness tracker, appropriate headphones, any gadget directly connected to your sport of choice. You probably wouldn’t judge your choice of smartphone an important consideration – but it could be.

Where am I?

Tom's running column

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Column number: 3
Date written: 29/04/21
Days in: 59
Current location: Honey Bend, IL
Distance traveled:  231.32 miles
Distance left: 2046.48 miles
Current tracker: Polar Vantage M2

As a member of the TechRadar phone team, I test lots of different smartphones, sometimes changing devices every week during the busy periods of the year. Currently, I’m also taking part in a challenge to run over 2,000 miles in two years, which you can read all about here.